Pricing & What's Included:

Call to learn how to price your own property in Layton Utah!  We have structured our pricing which includes no hidden costs or surprise markups when we show up! No extra charge for–Window wells, ladder work, hard water removal, screen cleaning and when you hire us to clean the inside there is no extra charge to clean the window tracks! One simple easy to understand price.

It’s ALL included in the flat rate pricing structure!

What is included in the price?

Included in the price is removing hard water spots, cleaning the window, the frame, removing the window screens, and cleaning the window track.

We now offer a 60-Day guarantee!

It’s what we do best… set the new industry standards for window cleaning. We are excited to offer a 60- day guarantee to take our customer service to the next level.

Green Window Cleaning Process In Utah

Window cleaners have been using dish washing soap and a squeegee since the 1930’s. The soap was used to keep the squeegee rubber from jumping and skipping on the glass. The dish soap creates the slip required to clear the windows. Most window cleaners have not progressed since the 1930’s. Our Reach & Clean process, using M³ technology, is the next evolution of window cleaning.

Testimonial of M³ Window Cleaning Technology

Professional window cleaning/ washing services for commercial and residential properties in Layton Utah. We can keep help your windows cleaner 3X longer than traditional soap and water cleaning methods! Contact us today to get a quote!

Window Track Cleaning Included!

 “Charity Window Cleaning”- We include track cleaning in our flat pricing! Watch the video to see our window cleaning process!

Clean Windows

Every good window cleaning company keeps your windows looking great—until the next rain storm blows in. Our reach and clean system keeps your windows clean 3X longer than traditional soap and water window washing methods. We strive to be a top quality professional window cleaning service in Layton Utah.


Better Service

Most glass cleaners are just that, glass cleaners. We clean your whole window to include the frames, tracks, and screens. Your old window cleaner wants to do the minimum possible, we do more.

Easier Pricing

Generally window cleaning companies give one price over the phone and a different—higher—price when they leave. If you want tracks, screens and hard water removed you can expect to get charged extra but not know it until you get the bill. We don’t do operate that way! We charge a flat fee and you know it up front! Call us today to find out the difference!


Superior Technology

Our M³ cleaning technology cleans your entire window. We won’t just spread dish soap on your windows, we clean your windows! Dirt sticks to the dish soap residue left behind by most window cleaning companies, so we clean that residue off and leave your windows cleaner3X longer.

Utah Commercial Services

We offer window cleaning for storefronts, business buildings, restaurants, clinics, schools, universities and more. Our teams are experienced working around commercial properties in Layton, Utah

Commercial/ Business/ Office window cleaning Utah

Utah Residential/ House

We offer window cleaning services for new construction homes and residential properties in Layton, Utah. We don’t up-sell, the price we quote is the price you pay for the number of windows you want cleaned.

Residential House Window Cleaning & Washing Utah

We Are Window Cleaners Not Just Glass Cleaners:

Not only do we use a better process but we clean your whole window—not just the glass. We don’t charge extra for frames, screens or tracks. If your old window cleaner does, you are paying too much and it’s time to change.

Make the Evolutionary Leap to Charity Window Cleaning and our Reach & Clean Process.


Who can benefit from our Professional Window Cleaning & Washing Services?

Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Office Complexes, Mid High Rise (8 Stories), Clinics, Hospitals, Dentists, Chiropractors, Assisted Living Centers, Restaurants, Hotels, Storefronts and Banks.

Charity Window Cleaning

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