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Your windows stay cleaner 3X longer!

60 Day Gurantee

Keep your windows shinning brighter longer with our 60 day guarantee. Call for more details!

Windows Stay Cleaner 3X Longer

Our M­³ cleaning technology leaves your windows cleaner longer by first removing dirt and not leaving soap residue behind for dirt to stick to.

Window Track Cleaning Included

What sets us apart? We clean the whole window, not just the glass. Watch the video below to see us in action.

We clean the whole window… Not just the glass

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Frequently Asked Questions

What additional fees are there?

There are none. The price that we quoted you is the price that you will pay…plain and simple.

What is included in the price?

Included in the price is removing hard water spots, cleaning the window, the frame, removing the window screens, and cleaning the window track.

How long will the windows stay clean?

Our unique M3 cleaning technology makes it so that your windows stay clean three times longer. Our process leaves the windows without a soapy residue that attracts dirt. Since there is nothing for the dirt to stick to, the window will stay clean longer. This is why our customers have us clean their windows only 3-4 times for the entire year.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! We offer a 60-day guarantee that is unheard of in the window cleaning industry. If something happens to your windows, we will come out and clean them again at our expense as part of our 60-day guarantee. No fine print…no catches. We guarantee that they will stay clean and you are going to love them or we will clean them again.

What do you charge?

For our residential customers, the rate is based on each window pane that we clean. The rate is currently $3.50 per pane. If you are unsure how many panes are in your windows, call us and we are happy to talk you through it. Then you will know exactly what we charge. For our commercial customers, the pricing structure is different because each building is so different. Call us for a customized quote for your commercial building.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! We are properly insured so that you are protected while we clean your windows. In the rare occasion that something happens, you can rest assured that our policies protect your property and our workers. We go to the added expense of the proper insurance to make sure that our customers are free of the risk of something happening.

What do I need to do before you come?

Nothing! We take care of everything. We will remove your screens and clean them, get rid of your hard water spots, clean the windows, and the tracks. We are known for cleaning the entire window and not just the glass.

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